Parents Association Meeting – 27th February

Items discussed at Parents Association Meeting – Thursday 27th February.

  1. Communion Committee – Plans in place for GAA Party.  Letter to be sent to 1st Class parents.
  2. Discussion around hand sanitizers and paper towels (ask Principal for update).
  3. Discussion around shelters (ask BOM for update).
  4. Date for Easter Raffle – April 2nd.
  5. Teacher retention – will school retain same number of class teachers?
  6. Will there be a split class in September? (ask Principal regarding same).

School Closed due to Coronavirus

Dear Parent/Guardian, School will be closed from today until 29th March. Each child is being given a folder/list of work today to be completed over the next two weeks. Please continue to follow the safety guidelines regarding hand washing, coughing/sneezing into sleeve and not touching face. Continue to be alert and not alarmed.

Board of Management Meeting – 25th February 2020

Board of Management Meeting – 25th February 2020

Agreed Report:

1. The BOM commented favourably on the enrolment procedure and complimented all staff on their contribution to the Open Day.  There are presently 23 pupils enrolled for next year.

2. The BOM complimented students and staff involved in Feis Maitiu, swimming, rugby, speech and drama, cycling, Confirmation & Communion practice.

3. Approval was given for the installation of an appropriate shelter at the entrance to provide for pupils in wet weather.

4.Some initial suggestions on ways of enhancing school facilities and ancillary services were considered.

5. After initial consideration of the School Admission Policy it was agreed to await DES guidelines before completing the review of the existing policy.

6.The Board offered its sincere sympathies to the family of Sofia and Anna Rusu on the death of their mother Victoria.

Board of Management Meeting 14th January 2020

The first meeting of the new BOM took place on 14/1/20.

Agreed Report:

The BOM commended the principal and the staff on their extensive programme of co-curricular activities, including Christmas performances, Church performances, Penny Dinners collection, Mercy Children’s Cancer fundraiser, Jack and Friends donation, cycling, rugby and swimming programmes and the Book Fair.

The BOM wished all the staff well for the Open Day.

The BOM thanked the PA for the Santa visit, the disco and the lovely Christmas annuals that the children received as gifts.

Mr.Pat Kinsella was nominated as Chairperson, Mr. Stephen Murphy was elected as Treasurer and Ms. Carol Leonard as Secretary.

Ms.Leonard introduced the BOM to the ASD provision within the school.

The BOM will address the revision of the Admissions Policy in conjunction with school staff and parents.

The BOM will address priorities in supporting the school and enhancing facilities at the next meeting.

Next meeting: 25/2/2020.